Horrified for More

You’re driving down a narrow mountain road late one rainy night and trying not to fall asleep. For a second you notice yourself waking up as if you had just dozed off for a minute. As you try to keep yourself awake you notice a hitchhiker, dressed in a yellow raincoat and beanie with overalls, by the road, but you decide to pass him. Before you know it you lose control of your vehicle and swerve straight into him. You quickly slam on your brakes, but you know its too late as you slowly come to a stop. You find yourself frozen in place too scared to move, in shock of what had just happened. A second ago you were falling asleep, but now you are wide awake and unable to think. After what seems like an eternity of time passing you by you quickly rush out to see if the person is still alive. As you go to the front of your car you look for the body, but nothing. You scope out the ground behind the vehicle, but there is nothing, no sign of anyone having been run over. Confused and frustrated, you start to question yourself as you get back in the car and begin to drive off. Seconds later you hear a rattling-like noise under the car, then you feel the bump as the car runs over the body for a second time. No there is nothing there, or at least that is what you want the truth to be. Almost immediately you see the body of the now disfigured and tortured victim climb over the hood of the car and blame you for this tragedy. Now quickly stepping on the brakes the man is catapulted off the hood and onto the street. Coming to a complete stop you can see the body on the ground close by on the passenger side, so you decide to open the door to take a closer look. The man with a bloodied, disfigured face struggles to pick himself up and lunges at the passenger side. Shocked by the sudden jolt of energy and appalled by his ghostly face you begin to drive off. Scared at the realization that there is no way this man could be alive and moving.  You just want to be back at home and wish you would wake up from this nightmare. Moments later down the road you notice a shadow of a man standing by the road. This is no shadow as you drive closer the same yellow coat becomes apparent and the same man is standing by the side of the road. What is happening?

This is one of the stories from a film, Creepshow 2, I remember watching as a child. It has been a while since I last saw it, so some instances may be off, but it should be very close to the actual story. It was always entertaining for me to watch, but I was always afraid of the story with the hitchhiker because of the bloodied up and gory face. It was the stuff of nightmares. There are three stories in total each taken from a series of comics from earlier years. My second most memorable one from the bunch is about a blob creature terrorizing a group of kids at the lake. This was the second part, which should have been obvious by the two on the cover, from stories by Stephen King and a screenplay by George A. Romero. The cover on the VHS copy we have has always scared me as well, but I also found it fascinating since it had a comic feel to it. It portrayed a skeleton figure, like a grim reaper, sitting in an aisle of a movie theater. It is these kinds of exciting and creepy images not just on covers but in frames from films that kept me intrigued and fascinated as a kid, always looked forward to more Creepshows and more.