Influential Classic Horror Directors | Fandango List

There have been many directors since film first came into fruition, but none have influenced horror as much as this list has to offer.  From the days of black and white film there arose these great directors that put their mark in horror. Each of these men was able to inspire and fright audiences with the films they helped shape. Hit the Fandango page for more information about other inspiring directors along with interviews and some trailers.

George A. Romero: Night of the Living Dead

William Friedkin, “While not generally thought of as a horror-film director, William Friedkin launched an entire subgenre with his masterful 1973 exercise in fearThe Exorcist” : The Exorcist

Mario Bava, “Italian director, he was a seminal influence on the American subgenre as well. Bava was largely responsible for the birth of the Italian giallo subgenre, a group of films that really served as a template for early American slasher efforts.” : Bay of Blood

Dario Argento, “Argento inspired a tidal wave’s worth of luridly titled thrillers, but it was Suspiria that was arguably his most influential feature.” : Suspiria

Wes Craven, “Craven kicked things off with the brutal (although occasionally frustrating) exploitation classic The Last House on the Left. That loose updating of Bergman’s The Virgin Spring helped pave the way for some of the ‘70s most unsettling and unpleasant genre cinema.” : Nightmare on Elm St., Scream,