Influential Horror Directors


There are a large number of directors that have influenced the genre out there. Many of them have made quite the impact with various films, while others have put their stamp on the occasional horror here and there. However, here I”ll only be talking about these following directors that I believe have greatly influenced other films with the work they accomplished in classic horror. Also, apart from being a great influence they were some of the first horror films I got to enjoy.

First up we have Alfred Hitchcock, and his work Psycho. Overall, I would say his work was a great influence in many genres, and not just horror. From the point of view shots portraying the killing of victims.

Wes Craven, need we say more. Apart from having an a great torturing start with films like The Last House on the Left.  He was able to give us two great iconic characters of horror. Freddy Kreuger from Nightmare on Elm St. and Ghostface from the film Scream.  

George A. Romero is the next director on this list that we’ll briefly take a look at along with his vast additions to the genre. Night of the Living Dead is one of his works which has influenced a great deal of stories spanning into other media. The way we perceive the modern zombie is thanks to his conception.

Gilluermo Del Toro is another influential that spans into the world of fantasy. His creations and creatures really take imagination into other realms. Notable works include Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone. 

These is only a small list of some of the greatest influential in my opinion. As we continue in this horror story I’ll mention more great directors of horror.