I’ve played several survival horror games over the years. However, it was some time since I had actual emotions of fear as a result of playing a game. The game that brought me back these kinds of emotions was none other than Outlast. 

The game was developed by Red Barrels and released on PC in Sept. 4 2013. It was released on consoles in the following years. The game really puts you into the character you plays as by using a first person point of view. The player is put into the shoes of Miles Upshur, a reporter set to find out about certain occurrences at a psychiatric hospital where the patients have been put under the control of one the caretakers, forcing them all into homicidal maniacs.

This game develops and maintains the atmosphere throughout various scenarios so well. As soon as I began playing I began to feel like I was the actual character. In the moments where certain points become serious I was able to feel the anxiety and a disturbing presence. The sound especially helps in creating the mood and atmosphere to engulf the player into the world of Outlast.