Upcoming Horror Films

Flms that have yet to be released and have either a trailer available or currently in production. late 2016 – early 2017

31 | Carnies are kidnapped and forced into a game with lunatics. I had not heard anything about this film before I went looking for new upcoming horror films. The synopsis is a very strange story that involves a lot life and death situations. The screenplay was written by none other than Rob Zombie. Now his past work has yet to be met with much critical acclaim, so I’m not expecting much from this one either.

Ouija: Origin of Evil | The origin of the game everyone fears. This film was directed by Mike Flanagan who directed the previous film in the series and also directed Hush the film, from earlier this year, which was met with high praise.  At this point I have not watched the film, but I I do believe it should at least be on par with the previous film, Oculus. 

Rings | With streaming anyone can watch, not just those with a vcr. The film that was so popular in one market and adapted for a whole other audience. After so many years the film needed a remake to bring the story into this era.

Underworld: Blood Wars | The evolution of hybrids. Now this story probably should’ve ended a couple of films ago. This film series had an astonishing number of backstory and material to work from. The direction in which it flowed was a bit puzzling at times. Let us see where this new story will take us and if it will be the final chapter or not. We shall see what the director, Anna Foerster, can show us in what appears to be her first large film directorial debut.

Annabelle 2 | The doll. The last film for this list is a continuation in a world of frightening ghostly spirit hauntings. The first Annabelle may have been not as good as the story it came from, The Conjuring. The director is from the newly released film from earlier this year, Lights Out.