Horror Locations Staple

A forest and a home, two can be next to the other, but both don’t need to see each other. Every kind of film needs a setting and horror is no different. There are especially two kinds of locations that always tend to pop up in these kinds of films. The home, which could be either a simple cabin, house, or the ever grandiose mansion, that is haunted or contains the demonic entity is one of them. The second, is the forest, which may or may not have a camp close by and could simply just be wilderness, that hides a true evil and is somewhere far out in the woods and could also occasionally have a body of water nearby. These locations may be seen as iconic for the horror film, and can actually be the most interesting because they date back to older horror. In classic horror films the home would have taken place in an eerie dark castle far out on some peak. Over the years different horror films have utilized the locations a bit differently, but each gets a unique vibe that brings certain films another level of atmosphere. Most notable uses for some of these locations include Friday the 13th, with its use of a camp out in the woods. As for the home, one could either think of The Poltergeist, or The Amityville Horror, a home with a similar kind of supernatural, yet very different effect on the family living there.

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