Horror Photo | Joshua Hoffine

An interesting find, Joshua Hoffine’s blog, he is a freelance photographer. Very well renowned for his horror photography, his work has been recently crowd-funded into a book collection. All his work spanning more than 13 years will be compiled  and is ready for pre-order through DarkRegions.com website.

Hoffine’s work and behind the scenes can be seen on his blog, details where the inspiration or imagining of certain pieces came from.  He also gives credit to those that helped him in the shoots and points his readers to where they can find more about them. His latest work at the time of this post is Parking Lot. The fear that someone could potentially be underneath one’s own vehicle is where this inspiration comes from along with a few other details from other works. Or as he so describes it, “Being afraid of somebody hiding under your car is the adult equivalent of fearing the monster under your bed.  Dark spaces and exposed ankles.” All of his works have a feeling of wonder yet eerie at the same time. This combined with the effects going on makes for fascinating work.