Slender Man

There were reports earlier this year of a film in the works based on the meme, Slender Man. THR confirms the story stating, “Screen Gems is in negotiations with Mythology Entertainment, the production company run by Bradley Fischer, James Vanderbilt and William Sherak, to produce a film version of the internet-grown intellectual property.”

Slender Man first appeared on Something Awful, created by Eric Knudsen. There were photos of kids photo-shopped with what appeared a tall slender man with long limbs and a white head with no face. Over time other people added to the myth causing it to grow legs. The premise was that the Slender Man had something to do with the disappearance of the kids in the photos. It will be interesting to see what kind of story will play out with these kinds of scenarios and what characters will play prominent roles. Also, on the horizon is an HBO documentary about the actual incident that was inspired by Slender Man. There were two 12-year-old girls that lured a classmate into the woods only to stab her 19 times. This film will unravel what was the motivation that drove them and what happened to prompt the stabbing back in 2014.